I miss this

Umm i really have been neglecting my livejournal over i've decided to do an art dump up in here o3o

these are pretty random pictures and u've all probs already seen them on either on my  DA or my Tegakie. some are very old and my style changes as i progress =.=;;

warnings: some straddling via britiannia angel but thats about as bad as it get :T and a fail attempt at drawing a torso. allllllll hetalia \=<=/ and LOTS of america~<3

do do do do~~
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More and more Hetalia.....sign..

Hello. I'm so not in the mood to type abundantly right now but whatever i'll make things up as i go along...

lalala i'm singing.

Okays i got some pics that i dont feel like enlarging on tinypics so you all just have to click on them and get magically sent to my deviantart...
Ahh its a Hetalia art dump! just me practicing drawing anime :P its a phase i'm going thru....
i draw england alot... >.>

And a chibi. I cant stop drawing chibis D:
of course it's america! because i'm addicted to drawing Alfred also...=.=

ahh i'm soooo bored D: tell me what to draw!!! i wanna practice drawing more anime :D
aka: i'm taking requests.

ok all done! thanks for viewing! commenting is awesome :3

Previous art post: here ya go..
-Alyssa T.

My life revolve around internet drawing

I discovered something new yesterday :D A coolio site called Tegaki E and i've been busy looking thru all the entry before i even drew my own :P So i finally did. and obviously Iggy is my first choice....also cuz i fail at drawing anyone else... doodled w/ my Mousepad :D !!
oh...and a chibi i threw in this post....

im a loser. also here at ((DA))

Fullview version on my DA----->>>((Go Forth!))

Lawlz chibi. i adore thai-san <33

Fullview on DA------>>> ((blah))
sorry the watermark is there so peeps dont steal the artz i might sell: this is in the process of becoming a cutsey sticker. you want?? 8D
(price unknown cuz i am too busy to figure it out)

phew. done...leave comments and love <3 :D
-Alyssa T.

NO Sleep? why!

Oh boy, i'm posting random art without typing anything again. fun.
this is the result of insomnia and ice cream at 2 in the morning:

I have a stock of hetalia fanart that is a bit crappy but i think next weekend i will post them
...i'm gonna go pat myself on the head now for being productive :D

50 States project!

So this previous week my friend Michaela hunted me down and had me join this project she had in mind.
Judging that most of you can read, the title of this journal pretty much explains it all.
So in a sort of collaboration me and about five of my other friends are attempting to create anthropomorphic drawings of all the states in America!

These character info, comics and much more are to come! I think i am the first of the group to announce this to any one on LJ so my friend (not me) claims creation of this idea or this version of this idea or something...idk. When i get their website or deviant link I'll post them here!

Well so far we have not finished all character design but so far in my gallery you can see a few of my ideas for the states of New Mexico, New Hampshire and Vermont. I did not chose those specific one because they were my particular favorites but we had to divide the list of states and i happen to chose what was available ;)

Random fact of the day:If you all wanted to know i live in Massachusetts but was originally born in Bangkok, Thailand. just so you know.....

I'm sadly not doing all 50 designs but if my friends let me, i might be able to draw their designs in my style! if i have a style that is.... whatever :P

Watch and stay tuned to this developing idea!
Deviantart homepage:
New Mexico:
New Hampshire:

lots of love:heart:
-Alyssa T